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Queen's drummer, Roger Taylor, receiving painting backstage

 In 2006, Queen was on a world tour with Free/Bad Company's frontman, Paul Rodgers (who happens to live in WhiteRock). Their drummer, Roger Taylor, indicated he wanted  the painting... which is based on 2 Queen songs...Fat Bottomed Girls & Bicycle Race. Front row tix were great... backstage passes & photo opp... priceless!


9/11 was devastating. The world has never been the same. Timothy decided to do something cathartic and invited  art students to participate in the project. After a year,  the 9/11 memorial (bottom left) was completed. It contains all 3000 victims names morphed/painted into the American flag. It now resides 1/2 block south of Ground Zero in the lobby of The New American School of Business on Trinity Street, Manhattan, New York.


The other slides are a variety of other creative art exhibitions and art shows... some of these included a Jazz series and romontic figure paintings.

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